about Web Strategy One

Web Strategy One offers web presence and digital management for nonprofits and businesses anywhere in the world. I'm currently based in Istanbul, Turkey but I work with any nonprofit or business anywhere in the world!


Back in 2003 when my family bought our first computer, I recall how we started trying to figure out how to work on it. My siblings and I spent the whole day playing Midtown and checking the options that came with Windows Millennium. We didn't know how to switch it off, we pressed the power button to do that.

After a while, I joined a Microsoft Office class at a local school, it was the first of its kind. I was happy after every trick I learned on how to write and edit text and add clip-arts. That was how I got interested in computer software and technology.

After finishing the preparation school, my family wanted me to join the general high school. I've attended that school for couple of months and didn't like it. I wanted to join the computer technologies high school. I insisted regardless of all the advice that came from friends and family.

When I went to college, I wanted to study operating systems and internet security. I joined the Information Technology Engineering college at a university in Damascus countryside. During my 5 years in university, I spent most of the time reading and developing my skills in programming and how network protocols work. My friends and I found happiness and joy every time we learned something new.

The first Linux operating system I used was RedHat, which is built for servers. I then moved to using Debian GNU/Linux, I enjoyed working on the operating system's shell. I had to do every single task using the command line because the desktop version wasn't very robust during that period. I learned how to manage a Linux server and enjoyed the experience. I still love Linux and use it. 

Few months after graduation, I had to leave Syria. I flew to Dubai and lived there for 2 years. I worked for many companies and mainly as a network engineer and once as a sales representative. I quickly realized however that this is not all what I wanted to do in my career.

I developed an interest in web technologies, digital marketing and search engine optimization. Despite the limited time I had at the time, I put a good effort to learn more about the current market needs.

However, my website creations were limited to my own websites and testing environments/servers.

When I moved to Istanbul in 2014. I realized that I wanted to convert my career to a digital marketer and web designer. But before that, I wanted to build my own websites and offered different services on them.

During this journey, I learned a lot, and added tons of new skills to my portfolio! I quickly learned the best practices of web design and how to build fast, secure and search engine friendly websites.

I've helped and still helping many friends and multiple business in making their web presence shine and ranked them higher on Google. I have also built many eCommerce stores.


If you don't have a web presence, you don't have a business

One of the most important assets of any business in today's world is its web presence.

Your website, your search engine ranking, your social media strategy. The overall web presence strategy that will get you found by the right customers. If you don't have one, your business is definitely losing. This is something that not everyone is willing to do, not everyone is willing to put a huge time-consuming effort to keep their business on top of the competition. This is why I'm offering these services today. I find joy and happiness in building websites and brands from scratch.

I feel great when I see the great outcome after I help someone or a business get better results and show their services in a better way. I especially enjoy helping non-profits establish their online profile and building authority in the good work they're doing. If you're a passionate about your work and want to take it to the next level. Contact me a let's have a chat!


I am responsible for what I put out in the world. Like our mothers used to say, what you do in this world is how you’ll be remembered. I focus on making sure My final product is exactly what you’re looking for and improves your business for the better.